Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Publicatie van de Week: "When Work is Related to Disease, What establishes Evidence for a Causal Relation" van J. Verbeek (2012)

Nogmaals een artikel van de hand van de auteur Jos Verbeek. Dit maal een recente publicatie gepubliceerd in Safety and Health @ Work (Saf Health Work 2012; 3: 110-6)
Establishing a work-related cause of a disease is one of the most challenging aspects of occupational medicine.
An occupational disease is any disease that results from exposure at work.
There are 3 important elements in this definition that call for evidence: disease, exposure, and the relationship between these 2.
For the disease, consensus on symptoms, signs and other tests is needed.
For the exposure, evidence is needed that the used measures correspond well to objective exposure assessment.
There are no absolute criteria for evidence of causality in observational epidemiological studies.

2 Cases are presented: 
  1.  Shift work and breast cancer
  2. Aerotoxic syndrome 


Download volledige publicatie @ SH@W (Safety and Health at Work)

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